More Than One Restaurant?…. No Problem!

But I Have Three Restaurants!


If you have multiple outlets, all with different menus, different phone numbers, or even different names, they can still be on the same app!

Just one app for all your restaurants, easily downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. Once downloaded to your customers iPhone or Android device, all your menu items are there permanently, no internet connection is required to place the order.

More customers, more profits, more credibility for you business, smart phone apps are no longer just for the large companies.

You can stop paying huge commissions for online orders when a phone call does the same job and it doesn’t cost you a cent.

Advertise to your customers that using the app is just as good as online ordering and quicker too, plus it saves you money.

Send instant push notifications through the app to all your customers in every area. .

You can even buy your app outright and just pay a service fee to cover updates.

The Future is Mobile, don’t get left behind!