You must confirm in writing (email) that you are prepared to distribute the app to your customers for a minimum period of three months, and that you accept our terms and conditions.

Whilst your app is being developed you will be sent a direct debit form which you must complete and return to us before your app will be submitted.

When your app is completed, the first monthly payment by direct debit will be required for all locations that the app(s) will be distributed from.

When the first payment is made we will submit the app to Apple and Google for inclusion on iTunes and Google Play.

If after the three month period you decide to discontinue with the distribution of the app to your customers, the app will be removed from service and the direct debit cancelled.

The submission process should not take longer than seven business days. In the event of the app being permanently rejected by Apple or Google all monies paid will be returned and the direct debit cancelled. (This scenario is highly unlikely and has not been an issue with this type of app).

Once the app has been accepted it will then be available to your customers for download on iTunes and the Google Play Store.

All download links will be made available to you for advertising purposes.

We make the app for free, based upon the design of your website; your monthly subscription will cover the submission process, the required high resolution graphics for the submission, menu and price change updates, limited marketing advice and the QR codes required for advertising purposes.

A single subscription is for a single restaurant or multiple restaurants with the same menus, if you wish to make your app available in multiple outlets with different menus extra charges are applicable. Prices are available on request.

Any major alterations to the app other than those covered by the monthly subscription as stated above will be charged accordingly.

If these conditions are not met or if the direct debit is refused we reserve the right to discontinue your service.